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  • Sanatorium majors in metabolism-related and sugar diabetes (diabetes mellītus) diseases. The facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment featuring the world industry leaders’ brands.

  • Khorol sanatorium combines universal capabilities of novel treatment techniques, the healing power of Mirgorodskaya mineral water with all benefits of the spa treatment.

  • Mirgorod sanatorium provides successful treatment of abdomen, bowels, liver, biliary tract and pancreas dysfunctions. The sanatorium became a home for Ukraine’s first ward specializing in rehabilitation of Chernobyl accident survivors. Throughout 20 years of its operation, the facility has developed a unique toolbox of most effective treatment techniques.

  • Poltava Sanatorium is known for its solid track record of treatment of chronic abdominal diseases, biliary tract, bowels and pancreas dysfunctions. The supporting motor system diseases are successfully addressed here as well. There are three rehabilitation wards specializing in fighting cardio-vascular diseases.