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Sanatorium "Poltava"


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+380 (5355) 5-50-54


Poltava Sanatorium is known for its solid track record of treatment of chronic abdominal diseases, biliary tract, bowels and pancreas dysfunctions. The facility also offers patients rehabilitation after surgeries performed on abdomen and in connection with the gall bladder excision. The supporting motor system diseases are successfully addressed here as well. There are three rehabilitation wards specializing in fighting cardio-vascular diseases. Here, patients receive therapy of hypertension and rehabilitation after surgeries performed on heart and vessels. The sanatorium’s lasting cooperation with the National Research Center “The Strazhesko Cardiology Institute” of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and with the National Institute Of Cardio-Vascular Surgery is a persuasive proof of the facility’s rehabilitation quality record.


The sanatorium has been pursuing the “Get Healthy and Slim” program. This comprehensive and quite topical effort is aimed at not only weight adjustment but seeks to alter patients’ nutrition habits and physical exercises which at the end of the day results in sustainable health improvement.