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Sanatorium "Khorol"


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+380 (5355) 5-21-87


The local staff proudly boasts a proven track record of successful cures of abdominal, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and bowels diseases with both adult and pediatric patients. Parents with children can enjoy excellent comfortable conditions for family leisure. While parents undergo therapeutic manipulations, their children will be looked after in special playrooms by professional nurses.

The sanatorium performs effective rehabilitation of patients following radical therapy of cancer-related diseases. The treatment of patients suffering from gynecology dysfunctions and infertility yields phenomenal results. Also, the sanatorium specializes in rehabilitation of pregnant women (from 12 to 32 weeks). Spectacular and clean nature, peaceful and quiet ambience, environmentally clean and healthy diet, professional care create extremely favorable and comfortable conditions for future mothers. Checkups and therapy are prescribed according to individual plans. Khorol sanatorium offers the “Young Mom’s School” assisting parents to get prepared to the delivery, to gain skills of delivery pain relief and baby care. The sanatorium possesses an in-house treatment facility, a speleotherapy ward, a mineral water source, a bath ward and an open-top swimming pool.