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Sanatorium "Birch Grove"


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The marriage of own techniques and practices with best international technologies, research developments proposed by Ukrainian and German specialists, the implementation of a unique program “Living with Diabetes” involving German manufacturers Roche, Beckton and Barbie clinic make Berezovyi Gai Sanatorium a national center of sugar diabetes patients rehabilitation.


Trainings organized for patients in these schools help attendees to gain better knowledge of sugar-reducing medications, to learn how to balance their nutrition, to measure sugar content using glucometers and test-strips, to render emergency first aid in case of hypoglycemia. Different types of sugar diabetes complications are addressed in specialized wards: the “diabetic foot” room, non-traumatic chiropody room and infusion therapy room using modern practices of measuring glutamate decarboxylase in the blood serum. These facilities easily detect patients facing a risk of developing sugar diabetes at a several years notice.


The differentiated diabetes I and diabetes II diagnostics and the right choice of the therapy course depends – in addition to determining the glutamate decarboxylase antibodies content – on measuring C-peptide level in the blood serum – an index of own insulin secretion by pancreas. In order to determine early kidney damage, urine is tested to detect microalbinurin.


TIn addition to that, a 24-hour sugar content in blood may be monitored using CGMS equipment testing sugar content each 5 minutes thereby enabling treatment adjustment based on tests results under different physical exercise stress and in static condition. Even European experts admit that the variety and quality of most advanced equipment and effective techniques featured by the sanatorium surpass those of Europe’s leading clinical facilities. For this reason, the sanatorium has become a home for the Ukrainian National Center for Rehabilitation of Pediatric Sugar Diabetes Patients. Children and youngsters receive special care and attention at the sanatorium. Aiming at ensuring the utmost comfort and a feeling-home atmosphere, a special playroom for children is organized at the sanatorium where young patients spend free time in custody of professional tutors.